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George Galdorisi is a career naval aviator who began his writing career in 1978 with an article in U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. His Navy career included four command tours and five years as a carrier strike group chief of staff, as well as three years leading the United States delegation for military-to-military talks with the Chinese navy. He is currently the Director of the Corporate Strategy Group at the Navy’s C4ISR Center of Excellence in San Diego, California.

He has written ten books published by mainstream publishers, including the New York Times best seller, Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor, the novelization of the Bandito Brothers/Relativity Media film and The Kissing Sailor, which proved the identity of the two principals in Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photograph. His latest project, in collaboration with St. Martin’s Press, is a reboot of the Tom Clancy’s Op-Center series. Book one, published in 2014, Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Out of the Ashes, is a New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly best-seller. Book two, Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Into the Fire, published in 2015, is already a USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly best-seller. Book Three, Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Scorched Earth, will be released in 2016.

These book length-projects build on an additional body of work including over three-hundred articles in national and international media including newspapers, professional journals, popular magazines, and conference proceedings and are captured in his curriculum vitae (also on this website). Additionally, he has presented over 100 papers at a wide array of professional conferences and has published many of these papers in peer-review journals.

His work has been recognized with numerous writing awards, including the Navy League of the United States Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement, the Military Writer’s Society Award for both fiction and non-fiction, the Surface Navy Association Author of the Year, Hook Magazine Contributor of the Year, as well as a diverse array of literary awards from organizations such as the U.S. Naval Institute, the Naval Helicopter Association, the Navy League of Australia, the Naval Helicopter Historical Society, and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego. His articles in professional journals such as Joint Forces Quarterly, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings and U.S. Naval War College review have been recognized as identifying important military and technology issues and trends well before they are identified in the mainstream media.

He talks frequently about writing at a growing number of writing classes and seminars including: “Taking Your Writing to the Next Level,” at San Diego Writer’s Ink; “Get Published Now,” at Coronado, CA, Adult Education Class; and as an invited speaker at the San Diego State University Writer’s Conference (fiction and non-fiction panelist); and the Coronado Writer’s Workshop (fiction and non-fiction panelist)



  • Paul Foster September 30, 2016

    Just read Scorthed Earth COS. Great read, very relavant with everything going on in the world right now. Hope all is well

  • Frank Hafner April 10, 2017

    Having attended a couple of George’s events, he covers all aspects of getting published – writing, publishing, promotion … he gives sage advice on what will and may not work. Suggests ways to start small to hone your craft. He describes what publishers are looking for and how to stay on top of changing trends. He also suggests many well researched reference to various aspects of the trade. He comes from a very disciplined high stakes background where inefficiencies and missteps are not tolerated. While he is a best selling author of multiple books, he is very clear to point out he has had vastly more things rejected than accepted. Writing is not for the faint of heart but he puts rejection into perspective. What he brings to the table is well worth it.

  • Michael Miller September 22, 2017

    Capt Galdorisi was a great Skipper who encouraged all DH’s and Divo’s to write in support of the crew. His success as a published author is not a surprise. I learned a lot from his leadership and proud to have served under his command.

    Michael Miller
    Suppo USS Cleveland
    1991 – 1993

  • Geoff Miller November 13, 2017

    Loved the story, couldn’t wait to finish each page so I could start the next one. I wasn’t sure where to send this but I found a typo in your book. I used to be a typesetter and part time beta reader so this kind of jumped out at me. Page 328 in the paperback edition you used the sentence, he slammed on the brakes but you used the word breaks instead. Hopefully you can get this corrected in future printings. Keep up the great work, sir.

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