Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

A new Tom Clancy’s Op-Center, the first in 10 years, written by the New York Times bestselling authors of Tom Clancy’s ACT OF VALOR, with a chilling ripped-from-the-headlines scenario.

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Before 9/11 America was protected by a covert force known as the National Crisis Management Center. Commonly known as Op-Center, this silent, secret mantel guarded the American people and protected the country from enemies. The charter was top secret and Director Paul Hood reported directly to the president. Op-Center used undercover operatives with SWAT capabilities to diffuse crises around the world, and they were tops in their field. But after the World Trade Center disaster, in the interest of streamlining, OP-Center was disbanded—leaving the country in terrible danger.

But when terrorists detonate bombs in sports stadiums around the country leaving men, women and children dead or mutilated, the President executes an emergency order to bring back Op-Center—an Op-Center capable of dealing with the high tech crises of the 21st Century, and there is a lethal one brewing in the Middle East. A renegade Saudi Prince with ambitions of controlling the world’s oil supply has an ingenious plot to manipulate America into attacking Syria and launching a war against Iran. Next, they would ignite a sleeper cell to attack the America homeland, resulting in a bloodbath unlike any other. Only the men and women of Op-Center, using sophisticated technology, realize what is about to be unleashed. Only they have the courage to issue a warning no one wants to hear. But will anyone believe them?

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Act of Valor


It is not hyperbole to say that Act of Valor is the most unique movie ever made.  In much the same fashion, the novelization of this movie, Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor is also a unique novel.  The book was published on January and has enjoyed a steady presence on the New York Times best-seller list, residing in the top-ten for an extended period.  It has also been recognized with the Military Writers of America Book Award in the Thriller/Mystery category. you can visit Amazon.com to pick up your own copy.

While some novelizations bear little resemblance to the movies they purport to ‘novelize,’ due to our close coordination with Act of Valor directors Mike ‘Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh, as well as our first-person association with members of the Navy Special Warfare community, Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor is truly aligned with the movie Act of Valor and the two are virtually inseparable. This reader/viewer’s reaction is typical:

I was really glad I had read the book before I saw the movie. They did such a good job of pulling things together in the book. I think the movie is even more enjoyable after reading the book. I also liked how the book developed the family.

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The Kissing Sailor

the kissing sailor

We believe the saga behind how we came to write the forthcoming Naval Institute book, The Kissing Sailor, is a story unto itself, really a “story within a story” that has enriched the experience of writing the book and also, we believe, has made this a vastly better book than it otherwise might have been.

In much the same way as the principals involved in this most famous photograph – Alfred Eisenstaedt, George Mendonsa, and Greta Zimmer Friedman – were drawn to that location, at that time, by forces in many ways outside control to make that photograph happen, the factors that brought us together to write this book were truly remarkable.

And like the links in a chain, if one of these events did not happen, there would be no book, this story might have remained forever untold, and this historical record would have remained unfinished.  Larry has been the prime mover in making this book happen during this over decade-and-a-half period so we’ll begin in his voice.

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Leave No Man Behind

Leave No Man Behind

When Tom Phillips and I first conceived the book almost six years ago in a chance encounter at the 2003 Naval Helicopter Association Symposium, we had no idea what this journey would be like and no idea how enriched we would be hearing from and reading about the heroes who have risked their lives to rescue their comrades from the clutches of the enemy.

Nor did we have an idea how big the book would be. When we first contracted with Zenith publishers to do this book we all thought 100,000 words sounded like a “good number.” But the more stories we uncovered the more the book grew and to our editor’s and publisher’s great credit they allowed this saga to grow into the substantial book it is while pricing it competitively in a tough book market. You can get your copy of Leave No Man Behind on Amazon.com

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More Books

More George Galdorisi Titles

There is duty. There is justice. The means to both are not always one and the same…

In the volatile waters of the Persian Gulf, America’s might is spearheaded by the USS Carl Vinson. Under the steady command of Admiral Heater Robinson–a respected leader and unparalleled officer–the most powerful carrier battle group ever assembled is ordered to stand fast and not retaliate when sixty-seven U.S. sailors are slain in a brutal terrorist attack–the most recent of many. America’s official inaction is allowing a hostile government to get away with murder. But Heater Robinson has been pushed to the edge.
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