Back of the Book

Long a thorn in Russia’s side, the tiny country of Belarus has become the fulcrum of a geopolitical standoff. When Belarusian vigilantes sabotage pipelines carrying Russian oil, Vladimir Putin seizes upon the attacks as a pretext to invade and occupy the former Soviet Republic. When the West responds weakly to his aggression, an emboldened Putin begins launching devastating and deadly attacks against energy infrastructure across the globe—including North America. With no way to import oil and gas, all of Western Europe has fallen hostage to Putin and his rogue nation.

To meet the challenge, CIA Operative RICK HOLDEN is recalled from his cover as a Navy SEAL and Naval Intelligence Officer LAURA PETERS, newly assigned to an elite cell within DoD’s European Command, is tasked with his oversight. After spending the last several years assigned to commands half a world apart, the highly effective duo is reunited against a backdrop of international intrigue and political brinksmanship.

Their mission: Rescue a captured American from Putin’s henchmen and then race against time to recover stolen nuclear weapons before they can be sold to vengeful terrorists.