For Duty and Honor

Publication Date: July 2018
Publisher: Braveship Books
Pages: 398

Back of the Book

In the volatile waters of the Arabian Gulf, America’s military might is spearheaded by the aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson. Under the command of Admiral Heater Robinson, this powerful strike group is ordered to stand fast and not retaliate when scores of U.S. sailors are slain in a brutal terrorist attack–the most recent of many–designed to drive American from the Mideast. America’s official inaction in the wake of these attacks is allowing a hostile government–Iran–to get away with murder.

Heater Robinson has been pushed to the edge, and he plans to enact his own vengeance on Iran using the awesome weaponry entrusted to his care. But one man’s fury could start a chain reaction that will have devastating consequences across the globe. As a storm of terror descends upon an unprepared United States, CIA operative and U.S. Navy SEAL Rick Holden faces a moral dilemma of his own. The president has chosen Holden to take down Admiral Robinson before he can start a war that will surely spiral out of control. Can he–will he–kill the Admiral if that is what it takes to stop the madness?

What People are Saying

“A modern naval adventure against a very real and present danger.” Dick Couch

“A high speed, action-packed naval thriller that delivers a fascinating look at some coiling devils who get loose n a maze of military intrigue. A fun read.” P.T. Deutermann

“Loved the gritty realism and the fast paced action sequences. A thinking persons Tom Clancy, better than his books for sure.” Admiral James Stavridis

“George Galdorisi, in a convincing fashion, lays out an authentic scenario that is relevant for today. He not only puts you on the bridge and in the cockpit, but provides insight into the world of 4-star command and how hard-ball politics is played there. It is full of Washington intrigue with deception, betrayal, and misguided loyalty. The heroes and villains are authentic and the combat scenes convey the fog-of-war confusion that can lead to disaster. A fun read, and thought provoking too.” Kevin Miller

High concept: Clear and Present Danger meets No Way Out