Defense Publication

For the past two decades, I have produced articles for national and international defense-related journals and magazines in support of a wide range of industry and government customers. These articles have supported customer outreach campaigns and have been designed to highlight the attributes of the products produced or promoted by these industry and government customers.

The rates for this service are extremely competitive. The national and international defense-related journals and magazines where I’ve placed articles for customers include: U.S. Naval War College Review, Joint Forces Quarterly, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Naval Engineers’ Journal, Common Defense Quarterly, Asia Pacific Defense Reporter, Defence Review Asia, The Navy (Journal of the Navy League of Australia), Headmark (journal of the Australian Naval Institute), Jane’s Navy International, Faircount Media Web Notes, RUSI Defence Systems and many others.

I encourage prospective customers to contact me via my website contact tab. Of particular interest to potential customers is the fact that I have developed relationships with editors of many of these publications and editors often ask: “Do you have an idea of an article you’d like to do?” This “pull” method of article writing and publication ensures that customer funds are well-spent and articles produced ultimately appear in print. Finally, the wide range of international journals I write for should offer particular appeal for U.S. defense companies wishing to expand their markets abroad.