The Coronado Conspiracy

Publication Date: July 2017
Publisher: Braveship Books
Pages: 459

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Back of the Book

Off the shore of Costa Rica, the Navy command ship USS Coronado launches an all-out assault against one of the most powerful drug lords in Central America. The strike force is in position; the Blackhawks are armed and airborne, and the high-tech fist of the U.S. military is poised to come down like a sledgehammer. Everything is going according to plan until the quiet jungle erupts in a chaos of blood, shrapnel, and fire.

When CIA Operative Rick Holden and Naval Intelligence Officer Laura Peters begin investigating the circumstances of the ambush, they uncover something much more sinister than a failed military operation. There’s a conspiracy at the very heart of the American government.

And bringing down the President of the United States is only the first step…

What People are Saying

“George Galdorisi has produced another deeply terrifying hit. This one is a bell-ringer.” Dick Couch

“Great thrillers have a way of convincing the reader that impossible events are indeed, possible. Galdorisi writes from a lifetime of experience and a wealth of talent. I’ve served on an admiral’s staff, served in Washington, seen the places Galdorisi describes so vividly and accurately. What I found most chilling and most exciting about this novel was my realization halfway through that these people, these events seemed too real. This story could happen. It could. God help us, I hope not, but it rings true.” Rolf Yngve

“From deck plate detail to flag bridge intrigue, George Galdorisi writes another authentic naval thriller that kept me turning the pages. Similar to his superb “The Coronado Conspiracy,” Galdorisi depicts a plausible scenario of a willful operational commander, ignoring and/or misinterpreting chain of command communications, going rogue with just enough top cover to keep his crew doing his will. This novel will resonate with generations of warriors who have deployed to the Middle East, with Galdorisi’s first-hand experience there evident in every page. Don’t miss!” Kevin Miller

“Drawing from an extensive Navy career, George Galdorisi can write a military thriller like no other. For Duty and Honor is a page turner, rich with detail only an expert in the field can articulate. The plausible plot leaves you with an understanding of frightening scenarios that face our nation and military at any given time. Peace and war hang in the balance in a fragile tinderbox, and one man’s actions can tip that scale leading to a crisis. This is my favorite of the Rick Holden novels. Great characters, in particular Lt. Anne O’Connor- she’s a strong heroine who holds her own opposite the great Rick Holden. An excellent read!” Jennifer Bates