ALGORITHMS OF ARMAGEDDON The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Future Wars



It is unclear if U.S. policy makers and military leaders fully realize that we have already been thrust into an artificial intelligence (AI) race with authoritarian powers. Today, the United States’ peer adversaries—China and Russia—have made clear their intentions to make major investments in AI and insert this technology into their military systems, sensors and weapons. Their goal is to gain an asymmetric advantage over the U.S. military. The implications for our national security are many and complex. Algorithms of Armageddon examines this most pressing security issue in a clear, insightful delivery by two experts. Authors George Galdorisi and Sam J. Tangredi are national security professionals who deal with AI on a day-to-day basis in their work in both the technical and policy arenas.

Opening chapters explain the fundamentals of what constitutes big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They investigate the convergence of AI with other technologies and how these systems will interact with humans. Critical to the issue is the manner by which AI is being developed and utilized by Russia and China. The central chapters of the work address the weaponizing of AI through interaction with other technologies, man-machine teaming, and autonomous weapons systems. The authors cover in depth debates surrounding the AI “genie out of the bottle” controversy, AI arms races, and the resulting impact on policy and the laws of war. Given that global powers are leading large-scale development of AI, it is likely that use of this technology will be global in extent. Will AI-enabled military weapons systems lead to full-scale global war? Can such a conflict be avoided? The later chapters of the work explore these questions, point to the possibility of humans failing to control military AI applications, and conclude that the dangers for the United States are real.

Neither a protest against AI, nor a speculative work on how AI could replace humans, Algorithms of Armageddon provides a time-critical understanding of why AI is being implemented through state weaponization, the realities for the global power balance, and more importantly, U.S. national security. Galdorisi and Tangredi propose a national dialogue that focuses on the need for U.S. military to have access to the latest AI-enabled technology in order to provide security and prosperity to the American people.

Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets; How to Write Books People Actually Read

Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets

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Millions of trees have been turned into pulp and then into paper, a great deal of ink has been spilled, and countless printed words have been turned into electrons—all with the express purpose of educating and entertaining our fellow humans. Writing is in our DNA.

While there is no reliable data that tells us when Homo sapiens first started speaking, we do know when they started “telling stories”—it was at least forty millennia ago. We know this because there are cave paintings that date back that far.

And doesn’t that make sense? When “Ugh”—or whatever his name was—left the cave in search of food and brought the dead saber-toothed tiger back to the cave, we think it unlikely that he just threw it down in the dirt and gestured, as if to say, “Enjoy your meal.”

Many of Ugh’s comrades likely didn’t make it home from that battle, so Ugh probably felt the need to tell his audience about the titanic fight in which he bested the beast. And since life in those days was brutal and short, he then drew pictures of the encounter on the cave walls for posterity to see. While there is much speculation as to what constitutes “the oldest profession,” we believe evidence suggests that, other than hunting for food to survive, storytelling was the first vocation.

We have spent decades not only telling stories, but leading writing seminars for diverse groups. We have benefited from a great deal of help along the way and want to pay it forward to beginning, emerging and accomplished writers. To that end, we pulled together our best-practices into this book, Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets, to serve as a companion to those who want to take their writing to the next level. You are a writer, not that “special and gifted” someone else.

Advance Praise for Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets

“Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets is the most complete guide to writing, publishing, and selling a book I have ever read (and I’ve consulted many). Both never-before and widely-published writers can glean actionable, useful, and original tips from this practical roadmap, written with humor and empathy for today’s authors.”
— Taylor Baldwin Kiland, military non-fiction author and ghostwriter of more than fifteen published works

“An outstanding introduction to the aspiring novelist, this book is also a welcome review for any experienced author. The lessons on how writers can use social media to publicize their work are quite insightful. Secrets is also great for writers who want to shift from nonfiction to fiction, identifying the elements necessary to create novels people actually read.”
— Dr. Sam J. Tangredi, award-winning nonfiction author

“George Galdorisi and Kevin McDonald have done the impossible—create a book about writing that’s actually helpful. Their practical approach pairs perfectly with informative tips for aspiring writers at any experience level. From asking scribes to plumb their motivations to explaining the realities of 21st century marketing, the Braveship Writers have crafted a guide into a timeless topic that is fresh, modern, and insightful.”
— Joe Pappalardo, author of Inferno, Red Sky Morning and (in 2024) Four Against the West

“George Galdorisi, Kevin McDonald, and the Braveship Team have written the most comprehensive treatise on the craft and business of writing since Stephen King’s On Writing. Braveship Writers Share is a must read for any author regardless of where they are on their journey. Easy to digest and handy as a reference, this one belongs on the desk—creased, earmarked, and highlighted.”
— Brigadier General Anthony J. Tata (U.S. Army, Retired), national bestselling author of 16 novels, including his current General Garrett Sinclair series: Chasing the Lion, Total Empire, and 2024’s The Phalanx Code.

“It is always a challenge to write a book. I have written over thirty books myself and find each and every one has its own story and adventure. I like to write. That is why I highly recommend Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets to help aspiring authors unleash their creativity. These authors are especially helpful in providing insights in an area in which I have not done a book, namely writing a novel. Well, after reading this book, I just might try!”
— Dr. Robbin F. Laird, author, most recently, of Australia and Indo-Pacific Defence: Anchoring a Way Ahead and The Coming of the CH-53K: A New Capability for the Distributed Force

“A comprehensive guide to mastering the art of thriller fiction, delivered with vim and gusto by two of the genre’s finest storytellers!”
—Dr. Matt Cook, Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Sabotage and Good Little Marauder

“Finally, a book about the secrets of writing for aspiring and experienced authors that can help us expand our thinking, perceptions, and actions to capture hearts and minds and ensure bestselling success.”
— W. Craig Reed, New York Times bestselling author of Start With Who and Spies of the Deep

“Although much of this invaluable book is focused on writing thrillers, I found lots of useful advice and welcome inspiration in it for all kinds of writing—articles, essays, memoirs, fiction of all stripes. I’ve been toiling in these fields for decades, and I’ve even written a few books on writing myself; but to find a book that’s as straightforward, informative, and just plain conversational as this one is rare. It’s like having a private consultation, over a beer and pretzels, with a group of insiders willing to spill the secrets and answer all the pressing questions about everything from conception to publication, and beyond.”
— Robert Masello, bestselling author of The Einstein Prophecy, Robert’s Rules of Writing, The Haunting of H.G. Wells,
and many other books

“Few established writers are willing to share the secrets of their craft; and, until now, no group of award-winning writers has done so. Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets breaks new ground and provides an entertaining and extraordinarily useful guide for beginning, emerging, and established writers. Read this book, and then pick up your pen!”
— Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and author of a dozen bestsellers, including 2034: A Novel of the Next World War and To Risk It All: Nine Crises and the Crucible of Decision.
“We, as a society, are in desperate need of a new generation of writer that is both courageous and passionate about telling—and defending—THE TRUTH. Not ‘a truth’ as a publisher wants it written, or ‘a truth’ from a political viewpoint; but instead, the reality of what happened, where it happened, and why it all took place. This book inspires that writer in all of us to get back to the starting point. If you are considering picking up a weapon far more powerful than the sword (i.e., the pen), I highly recommend this book.”
— Scott McEwen, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of American Sniper, the Sniper Elite series of novels, and many other fiction and non-fiction books.

“Does the world need another book on writing thrillers? There’s always room for more insights, more advice, and more encouragement in a tough business. I know I enjoyed this volume.”
— David Poyer, author of Arctic Sea and Writing in the Age of AI


Fire and Ice Cover Concept 01 (2021-03-20)

Back of the Book

Long a thorn in Russia’s side, the tiny country of Belarus has become the fulcrum of a geopolitical standoff. When Belarusian vigilantes sabotage pipelines carrying Russian oil, Vladimir Putin seizes upon the attacks as a pretext to invade and occupy the former Soviet Republic. When the West responds weakly to his aggression, an emboldened Putin begins launching devastating and deadly attacks against energy infrastructure across the globe—including North America. With no way to import oil and gas, all of Western Europe has fallen hostage to Putin and his rogue nation.

To meet the challenge, CIA Operative RICK HOLDEN is recalled from his cover as a Navy SEAL and Naval Intelligence Officer LAURA PETERS, newly assigned to an elite cell within DoD’s European Command, is tasked with his oversight. After spending the last several years assigned to commands half a world apart, the highly effective duo is reunited against a backdrop of international intrigue and political brinksmanship.

Their mission: Rescue a captured American from Putin’s henchmen and then race against time to recover stolen nuclear weapons before they can be sold to vengeful terrorists.


Publication Date: April 15th, 2021

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Back of the Book

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the most beneficial technological development of the twenty-first​ century, but it is often misunderstood outside of specialists in the field. AI at War provides a balanced and practical understanding of this dawning new technology, explaining the importance of machine learning, human-machine interfaces, and big data analysis, components that are often omitted or misunderstood. While AI has many potential applications, Tangredi and Galdorisi have brought together more than thirty experts to focus on those elements relating to national security, making clear the importance and the potential of AI in defending the nation and in warfighting. Contributors include Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense; Admiral James Stavridis, former Commander, Supreme Allied Commander Europe; Admiral Michael Rogers, former Director of the National Security Agency; and Admiral Scott Swift, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; as well as scientists and operators who share their theoretical and experiential knowledge of this “game-changing” new field.​

What People are Saying

“Because AI is going to war with us (in both senses), those interested in the nation’s security must attend to its potentials and perils. There is no better place to start than with this volume, where professionals and academics observe AI’s contribution from more angles than we can imagine.” –Martin C. Libicki, author Cyberspace in Peace and War, distinguished visiting professor, U.S. Naval Academy

AI at War is an extremely powerful book that should be read by every national security practitioner, every naval commander, and every concerned citizen. Editors Tangredi and Galdorisi have provided some of the brightest minds within government, industry, and academia the opportunity to weave an intellectual tapestry of profound breadth and depth on the myriad questions related to how Artificial Intelligence will shape future warfare. It is an “instant classic” that will do more to generate needed debate on the subject than any book published in recent decades.” –Capt. John E. Jackson, USN (Ret.), E.A. Sperry Chair of Unmanned and Robotic Systems, U.S. Naval War College, editor of One Nation, Under Drones

“Books by techies about data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning put many people to sleep after a page or two. But wait, here is a book on those subjects that is a real page-turner written by a famous spy catcher whose career thwarted the wicked cyber plots of our enemies, and by the dean of naval historians whose books have recounted the great successes of American technology in winning and deterring wars. In clear and crisp prose they illuminate the huge promise in mastering these technologies, and the terrible consequences of failing to do so.” –John Lehman, former secretary of the Navy

“…Should be read by everyone from warfighters to concerned civilians.” –Joseph S. Nye Jr., former dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and author of​ Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDR to Trump

For Duty and Honor

For Duty and Honor - CreateSpace Cover - (2018-02-19)
Publication Date: July 2018
Publisher: Braveship Books
Pages: 398

Back of the Book

In the volatile waters of the Arabian Gulf, America’s military might is spearheaded by the aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson. Under the command of Admiral Heater Robinson, this powerful strike group is ordered to stand fast and not retaliate when scores of U.S. sailors are slain in a brutal terrorist attack–the most recent of many–designed to drive American from the Mideast. America’s official inaction in the wake of these attacks is allowing a hostile government–Iran–to get away with murder.

Heater Robinson has been pushed to the edge, and he plans to enact his own vengeance on Iran using the awesome weaponry entrusted to his care. But one man’s fury could start a chain reaction that will have devastating consequences across the globe. As a storm of terror descends upon an unprepared United States, CIA operative and U.S. Navy SEAL Rick Holden faces a moral dilemma of his own. The president has chosen Holden to take down Admiral Robinson before he can start a war that will surely spiral out of control. Can he–will he–kill the Admiral if that is what it takes to stop the madness?

What People are Saying

“A modern naval adventure against a very real and present danger.” Dick Couch

“A high speed, action-packed naval thriller that delivers a fascinating look at some coiling devils who get loose n a maze of military intrigue. A fun read.” P.T. Deutermann

“Loved the gritty realism and the fast paced action sequences. A thinking persons Tom Clancy, better than his books for sure.” Admiral James Stavridis

“George Galdorisi, in a convincing fashion, lays out an authentic scenario that is relevant for today. He not only puts you on the bridge and in the cockpit, but provides insight into the world of 4-star command and how hard-ball politics is played there. It is full of Washington intrigue with deception, betrayal, and misguided loyalty. The heroes and villains are authentic and the combat scenes convey the fog-of-war confusion that can lead to disaster. A fun read, and thought provoking too.” Kevin Miller

High concept: Clear and Present Danger meets No Way Out

The Coronado Conspiracy


Publication Date: July 2017
Publisher: Braveship Books
Pages: 459

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Back of the Book

Off the shore of Costa Rica, the Navy command ship USS Coronado launches an all-out assault against one of the most powerful drug lords in Central America. The strike force is in position; the Blackhawks are armed and airborne, and the high-tech fist of the U.S. military is poised to come down like a sledgehammer. Everything is going according to plan until the quiet jungle erupts in a chaos of blood, shrapnel, and fire.

When CIA Operative Rick Holden and Naval Intelligence Officer Laura Peters begin investigating the circumstances of the ambush, they uncover something much more sinister than a failed military operation. There’s a conspiracy at the very heart of the American government.

And bringing down the President of the United States is only the first step…

What People are Saying

“George Galdorisi has produced another deeply terrifying hit. This one is a bell-ringer.” Dick Couch

“Great thrillers have a way of convincing the reader that impossible events are indeed, possible. Galdorisi writes from a lifetime of experience and a wealth of talent. I’ve served on an admiral’s staff, served in Washington, seen the places Galdorisi describes so vividly and accurately. What I found most chilling and most exciting about this novel was my realization halfway through that these people, these events seemed too real. This story could happen. It could. God help us, I hope not, but it rings true.” Rolf Yngve

“From deck plate detail to flag bridge intrigue, George Galdorisi writes another authentic naval thriller that kept me turning the pages. Similar to his superb “The Coronado Conspiracy,” Galdorisi depicts a plausible scenario of a willful operational commander, ignoring and/or misinterpreting chain of command communications, going rogue with just enough top cover to keep his crew doing his will. This novel will resonate with generations of warriors who have deployed to the Middle East, with Galdorisi’s first-hand experience there evident in every page. Don’t miss!” Kevin Miller

“Drawing from an extensive Navy career, George Galdorisi can write a military thriller like no other. For Duty and Honor is a page turner, rich with detail only an expert in the field can articulate. The plausible plot leaves you with an understanding of frightening scenarios that face our nation and military at any given time. Peace and war hang in the balance in a fragile tinderbox, and one man’s actions can tip that scale leading to a crisis. This is my favorite of the Rick Holden novels. Great characters, in particular Lt. Anne O’Connor- she’s a strong heroine who holds her own opposite the great Rick Holden. An excellent read!” Jennifer Bates

Dark Zone


In this race-to-the-finish thriller in the New York Times bestselling series, the brutal murder of an undercover agent reveals a plot to incite a full-fledged war between Russia and Ukraine.

Published Praise for Dark Zone

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Douglas Flannery meets with an old friend and former spy near New York’s South Street Seaport. She is seeking his help to thwart a Russian plan to overrun her native Ukraine, but those for whom she is working propose an infinitely more dangerous scheme, one that could draw in NATO forces and possibly ignite World War III. Moments later, as she jogs along the East River, her throat is slashed.

Within hours, Op-Center learns of the killing and alarm bells go off. Director Chase Williams and his team have been following events as Ukraine, her NATO allies, and Russia rapidly deploy forces in a dangerous game of brinksmanship. But the secret that Flannery has learned threatens to take the looming battle to a whole new and very lethal level. Using cutting edge techniques of cyber warfare and spycraft, Op-Center must respond to the rapidly unfolding crisis before the U.S. is forced to take sides in a conflict that could change history.

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Published Praise for Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth_Cover

Galdorisi successfully goes solo in the suspenseful third entry in the Tom Clancy’s Op-Center reboot…An Op-Center book is always a master class in military acronyms and hardware…the simple hostage situations keep the tension cranked high and will satisfy Clancy fans old and new.

–Publisher’s Weekly, Advance Praise


TOM CLANCY’S OP-CENTER: Scorched Earth, George Galdorisi (Griffin): Galdorisi successfully goes solo in the suspenseful third entry in the Tom Clancy’s Op-Center reboot (after 2015’s Into the Fire, with Dick Couch). When the leader of ISIL, Mabab al-Dosari, beheads the American president’s envoy in Iraq, the U.S. launches an air strike that leaves the terrorist’s only son dead. Vowing revenge, al-Dosari recruits a homegrown terrorist cell to kidnap the man who orchestrated the attack, Rear Adm. Jay Bruner. When the FBI bungles Bruner’s retrieval, the National Crisis Management Center—Op-Center’s official name—steps up. Meanwhile, the admiral’s Navy SEAL son, Lt. Dale Bruner, attempts to extract his father on his own and lands in the clutches of ISIL. An Op-Center book is always a master class in military acronyms and hardware, and the ever-expanding cast fights to keep the reader’s attention through the abbreviations. Still, the simple hostage situations keep the tension cranked high and will satisfy Clancy fans old and new. Agent: Mel Berger, WME. (Aug.)

–Publisher’s Weekly

Read an in-depth review of Scorched Earth by Chuck Oldham, here.


When George Galdorisi took on Tom Clancy’s series, we didn’t know what to expect; could he fill the giant shoes left with Clancy’s passing?

In Out of the Ashes, he answered that question with a flourish.  Now, with Scorched Earth, Galdorisi continues to amaze.  He has pulled a page from today’s headlines making Scorched Earth relevant with your morning coffee.  This next installment of the Op-Center series takes us back into the envelope of potential world conflagration.

The novel starts off with an unexpected and gritty assassination, throwing us into the action from the get-go.  The situation unstoppably escalates to the point where the Op-Center needs to get involved.  Chase Williams and his somewhat incorrigible cast of characters jump into the fray feet first.  The action is fast and furious and takes very few prisoners.  Just when you think there’s resolution, another wrench is thrown into the machinery, taking the situation in a new direction.  New characters, both good and bad, are added with the great character development that Galdorisi has come to be known for.

Scorched Earth twists and turns, leaving the reader with resolution but, at the same time, open to something new.  It’s a “page-turner,” taking you from the politically incorrect environs of Washington, D.D., to IED-laden byways a half a world away.  Even though it seems the terrorists are going to have a field day with this one, the Op-Center geeks and operators get into action, keeping you guessing.  Galdorisi’s novel is an enjoyable and satisfying read, introducing new characters and concepts for future development.  Check it out; you won’t be disappointed.

Published Praise for Into the Fire


Dick Couch and George Galdorisi have teamed up once again for the second book of the revived Op-Center series: Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Into the Fire. If anything, it’s better than the first book of the series, Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Out of the Ashes. Without all of Out of the Ashes’ quite necessary exposition explaining Op-Center’s recreation and introducing a new cast of characters, Into the Fire is even more of a page-turner, able to concentrate completely on the crises at the heart of the story…

–Defense Media Network, Read the Full Review Here

This is a top-notch military thriller, combining politics, suspense, and action. Couch and Galdorisi continue to make the Clancy brand shine.


Dick Couch and George Galdorisi. St. Martin’s Griffin, $15.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-250-02684-2

Couch and Galdorisi’s stirring sequel to 2014’s Out of the Ashes pits Cmdr. Kate Bigelow, captain of the USS Milwaukee, and her crew against North Korean naval and special forces units intent on seizing the ship, which has been conducting training exercises in the sea off South Korea. The North Koreans have found vast undersea energy deposits in international waters and have made a secret deal to sell them to the Chinese. Taking the ship hostage will give them leverage against the U.S., which will surely oppose this deal. Bigelow proves to be a formidable foe, managing to outrun and outgun her North Korean adversaries. She runs the Milwaukee aground on the small island of Kujido, sets up a defensive base, and settles in to wait for friendly forces to come to the rescue. Tasked with that mission is Chase Williams, director of the secret Op-Center, who with other elements of the U.S. military attempt to pull off a daring, skin-of-the-teeth operation. A terrorist attack on the United Nations provides an exciting coda. Agent: Mel Berger, WME. (May)

–Publisher’s Weekly

Op-Center runs outside government channels, keeping tabs on potential threats to the U.S. beyond the purview of the conventional agencies. A North Korean general and his family are killed in an apparent robbery, but, in fact, it is the first step in a developing coup. Then a U.S. naval vessel, the USS Milwaukee , is engaged in exercises near the South Korean border when the ship’s commander is accused of violating North Korean territory, and the boat is attacked. The Op-Center team initiates a rescue of the survivors, but the mission requires that the group sneak in, make sure the Milwaukee is scuttled before the North Koreans grab it, and rescue the soldiers—all without starting a war. A secret treaty between North Korea and China involving a potential source for oil only makes the mission even more crucial. This is a top-notch military thriller, combining politics, suspense, and action. Couch and Galdorisi continue to make the Clancy brand shine.

–Jeff Ayres, Booklist Review

The Op Center is on call again with the same core players as well as new and interesting additions in a plot embedded in real world possibilities. This time it’s the North Koreans with the Chinese forcing the political intrigue. The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is a major player. To all who wonder about the capabilities of this class, Galdorisi and Couch have done their research and given it to us down to the nuts and bolts. They let us experience shipboard operations and tactics under her female commander in an increasingly hostile environment. The motivator this time … energy. It’s there for the taking beneath the ocean floor. The North Koreans want it and have concocted a hairball scheme to acquire it that could land all parties in hot war. The story convincingly lays out the plan and the players in a real world context, accurately reflecting the thought processes of an unstable egocentric and top heavy dictatorship. They give us detailed insight into enemy players, weapons and tactics on the shooter end. The North Korean plan results in a running ship to ship gun battle culminating in an obscure and inaccessible maritime location. The LCS crew are literally out of the frying pan and into the fire with no help on the horizon. Now the fun begins, how to get the hard charging skipper and her crew out. The Op Center comes into the fray with a plan technologically and militarily accurate that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Operations are intricately detailed all along the change of command from the president to the warfighter on both side of the conflict. From space orbit to undersea depths, Into The Fire will keep you turning the pages and accessing Google. Then, just when you think it’s all over, it hits the fan again in the Big Apple with a chase scene worthy of a twenty first century Bullitt. Into The Fire is an exciting and satisfying read well worth the price of admission.

–LCDR E. “Chip” Landcaster, USN(Ret)

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth_Cover

In this gripping thriller from the New York Times Bestselling author of Out of the Ashes and Into the Fire, an Islamic extremist is on a quest for vengeance after his only son is killed, and it’s up to Op-Center to stop his lethal plot.

Published Praise for Scorched Earth

General Bob Underwood – a special presidential enjoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL – is en route to the Syrian city of al-Bukamal when a rocket-propelled grenade strikes the side of his Humvee and the heavily armored convoy comes under attack. The general’s bodyguard is brutally murdered, and Underwood himself is kidnapped. Hours later the president and top officials watch in horror from the Oval Office as the general is viciously beheaded by an ISIL leader – broadcast on live television through a direct feed from Al Jazeera.

The world is stunned by the bloody scene but even more so because this supposedly loose-knit terrorist organization was able to orchestrate a lethal attack on the world’s most powerful military. American forces go into high gear on land and sea to retaliate but when the ISIS leader’s son is killed in an American bombing raid, his rage knows no bounds, and he determines to wreak vengeance on the American homeland itself.

With everything in the balance, Op-Center must assemble both its domestic strike force as well as its international intervention force – built around a seasoned squad operating out of the secretive unit that captured Osama bin Laden – to stay one step ahead of a ruthless enemy.

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