Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets by CAPT George Galdorisi, USN (Ret.) and Kevin McDonald

Reviewed by LCDR Chip Lancaster, USN (Ret.)

Are you a writer? Do you like to write or is it a chore you put off as long as possible? Robert’s Rules of Writing says that, “writing takes deliberation, craft and commitment.” I like writing, but do I love it? I don’t know. George and Kevin’s book, Braveship Writers Share Their Secrets will help you make that decision. The “Braveship Writers” are a group of mainly Naval Aviators who share many things, some secret some not, but all valuable.

Braveship Secrets is a compendium of information acquired from the experience of actual writers who make it their business. It starts by giving you some perspective. Writing is a form of human communication that humans have been doing since a cave wall could be scratched. Writing is as natural as breathing; humans have to do it, some more than others. The book is broken into short, easily absorbed chapters, perhaps making it an ideal bathroom reader. The chapters cover such things as how to get started answering Rudyard Kipling’s questions of what, where, when, how, why and who.

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