David Owens of the Huntsville Times Discusses The Kissing Sailor

The power of the great American Story told in The Kissing Sailor, can be seen in the David Owens story in the Huntsville Times, but perhaps more importantly, in the speed at which this story was picked up in other media. This story resonates with America.

Good Morning America’s first host, David Hartman, said it this way in The Kissing Sailor’s Foreword:

“A BOOK? An entire BOOK? About a black and white still photograph? Must be some picture! Indeed, it’s one of the most memorable and beloved photos ever taken and this book about it is masterful story-telling, a super detective story that solves a 65 year old mystery. Who were the sailor and nurse, in a passionate kiss, in LIFE magazine’s photo taken in Times Square, New York City on August 14, 1945, the day that World War Two ended? What made this one photo worth not just a thousand words, but millions of words over decades? Because it makes us actually FEEL like we were there experiencing the exultation of the war’s end with millions of others around the America.”


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