OC Metro Business Discusses The Kissing Sailor

As the Lifestyle section of OC Metro Business, the mystery behind the identity of the two people in Alfred Eisenstadt’s famous photograph has remained a mystery for decades.

The afternoon the photo was snapped, the three remained strangers. They exchanged no introductions. They spoke no words. Their viewing of one another was blurred. Had LIFE magazine not published a photograph of their public moment, they might have forgotten entirely the few seconds they spent together.  But a photo was shot – in the world’s most well-known square, at that location’s most cherished moment, and printed in the nation’s most widely circulated magazine. The couple’s embrace epitomized a nation’s exhilaration. Despite the high profile nature of their encounter, mystery has shrouded the occurrence – until today.  The Kissing Sailor proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who these two people are!

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