San Diego State University Writer’s Conference

Whether you’re a beginning writer or a published professional, the San Diego State University Writers’ Conference is for you! Now in its 32nd year, this conference is designed to help every writer at every level. Learn how to improve your writing skills, develop your marketing awareness, and meet one-on-one with top editors and agents to facilitate the next step in your publishing career.


Breaking into the Nonfiction Market, Step-by-Step

This workshop opens the door to the nonfiction market – a more diverse and far easier market to enter than fiction. It’s all about content. Attendees will learn the secrets of success including: What subject areas to pick, how to get started becoming an expert in a field, how to do market research, how to structure a nonfiction book proposal, and how to put together a query letter that will sell.


Fiction Secrets: Pitching, Selling, and Promoting Thrillers

This workshop will focus on the challenges – and opportunities – regarding getting your novel accepted by a mainstream publishing house. Learn how to decide what to write about, how to pitch a story to publishers and agents, how to seal the deal once the pitch gets a nibble, and how to team with your publisher to promote your book. While the primary focus will be on getting published by a mainstream publisher, we’ll also examine how some of these same lessons apply to the world of e-books and print-on-demand.