The Kissing Sailor is Popular World Wide, Here are Various Looks into the New Book

The Kissing Sailor is gaining popularity, not just in the United States, but places as far as Chile and the UK.  This iconic post World War II photo captures everything that we as a country were feeling at that moment in time.  The identity of the kissing couple has been a mystery for 67 years, and now author George Galdorisi and co-author Lawrence Verrie have revealed the truth.  There have been approximately 5 candidates for the sailor, and about 3 for the nurse. Though, it all came down to forensic analysis to ensure that the real couple was identified. There is ample news coverage on the new book, “The Kissing Sailor”, and the story that details the search for the sailor and nurse in this historical photograph.

To read more about this amazing story we have listed below links to news coverage, interviews, and articles that will allow you to learn the story of, “The Kissing Sailor”. — This is an interview with co-author Lawrence Verrie and George Mendosa, who has finally been identified as the kissing sailor, this is his story. — This is one of the more detailed news articles, and it also shows the popularity of “The Kissing Sailor” world wide. This coverage was picked up by, DailyMail, a London news site. — Inside this article we have a look at some of the work that went into identifying the kissing couple.  It also names a few of the impostors that claimed to iconic kissing couple over the years. — This article gives us a better look at the photographer that shot the iconic photo.

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