Who Likes You?

Is social media your servant or your master? Is it a way to communicate with your friends who do like you, or a means of self-validation? Bruce Feiler has addressed this in a helpful way in his New York Times article, “For the Love of Being Liked.” He suggests:

We are deep enough into the social-media era to begin to recognize certain patterns among its users. Foremost among them is a mass anxiety of approval seeking and popularity tracking that seems far more suited to a high school prom than a high-functioning society. Mark Zuckerberg said recently that he wants Facebook to be about “loving the people we serve” but too often his site and its peers seem far more interested in helping the people they serve seek the love they crave. ABC has also embraced the madness by picking up a comedy for this season called “Selfie,” about a woman in her 20s who is more concerned with her followers than her friends.

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