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Article from “Whom You know – The Best of Manhattan and Excellence Everywhere.” Posted July 2, 2012

At Whom You Know, we are obsessed with books (count well over 400 reviews…) and clearly, we couldn’t be prouder to be American, and are dedicated to finding excellent American products. So, you can just imagine Peachy Deegan’s extreme enthusiasm when met with the opportunity to work with the U.S. Naval Institute/Naval Institute Press to review The Kissing Sailor! Printed in the USA, The Kissing Sailor is a tale that deserves to be told and one that you should read. Everyone knows the picture, but few know the story behind it, and it’s time the truth finally was disclosed.

From ducks to dentists, you’ll learn about the real people and their real life stories that brought them to the point of contact, and we’ll warn you, it’s not what you think. The one that snapped the shutter, therefore pulling the trigger on this whole phenomenon was as we all know, Alfred Eisenstaedt, who had been snapping away since his first Kodak at age 14. That is not the mystery of course. The celebration of the end of the war (we are sorry to have missed it!) coupled with jubilation at the bar, well-deserved we might add, fueled the background to the story that we refuse to give away-you absolutely must read it. It is a juicy story complete with love triangle (Rita! George! Greta!) and happy ending! We are disgusted with those that lied during the decades of controversy surrounding this and are so glad to see that the accuracy of the moment has been revealed.

You’ll also learn that miles out at sea, Times Square’s glow outlined ships against the skyline, making American Navy ships easier targets for German submarines, so our government had to order the lights above street level to be turned off in Times Square for most of the war, making a picture like this highlighting Times Square that much more meaningful.

Our esteemed panelists add:
One of the most famous photographs of our time has creates such controversy and interpretation in our time. The Sailor and the Nurse kissing in Time Square has been a symbol of American Joy for nearly 70 years now. I remember everyone having posters of this on their wall in boarding school. For the first time, the identities are being revealed from these iconic photographic. “The Kissing Sailor” by Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi takes all of the facts and some misinformation and without a doubt solves the mystery. From the photo to the true story of the kiss, history buffs and those who lived the war will love the book. The story continues with what happens after Life Magazine published the photo. With another part on the true case to prove their identities after so many have claimed it was them. So dive in and be a part of history of a photograph that sparked incredible interest in our country!

If someone were to ask me what photograph comes to mind when WWII is mentioned, it automatically is The Kissing Sailor. I’ve always loved reading books about history and I was not disappointed with this book. It was very well researched and written. I couldn’t put it down. It’s hard to believe that the sailor and the nurse didn’t even know each other. There were times I found myself laughing as well. I don’t want to give away too much of this amazing book. There aren’t many books that I read more than once and I know this is going to be one of those few. I know this is a book any history buff would love. Even if you don’t normally pick up books like this, you should. I highly recommend it.

Around the 4th of July, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on some of the great moments in our country’s history. Luckily, this year, I found a wonderful way to do just this – in the form of a fantastic new book entitled “The Kissing Sailor – The Mystery Behind The Photo That Ended World War II.” From the moment I saw the cover with that iconic image, I was intrigued. Sure, I’d heard various stories throughout the years, but, to my knowledge, the identities of the parties involved had never been firmly established. Beyond the well-established fact that the picture of a sailor kissing a nurse (which was first published in LIFE magazine) was taken by legendary photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt on August 14th, 1945, as all of New York City was pouring into Times Square to celebrate the Japan’s surrender to the United States, little else had been known for sure. Eisenstaedt took no information from the kissing couple, and although many people claimed to have been either the sailor or the nurse, their identities had never been definitively confirmed. Well now, thanks to the dedication, hard work, and research of Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi, the mystery has been solved! The book is a delightful, charming, and engaging (not to mention informative!) read from start to finish. The authors start at the beginning and give detailed information about the backgrounds of the people involved, as well as how their paths just happened to cross on that fateful day – creating one of the most famous photographs in the world! “The Kissing Sailor” is definitely a must-read for anyone who has ever been intrigued by that historic photo, as well as anyone who loves learning more about the history of this wonderful country of ours.

Have you ever gazed at a photo and pondered the story behind it? Surely you know the Kissing Sailor photo, the iconic Time image from 1945, but what more do you really know about the nurse and the sailor? In The Kissing Sailor by Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi the mystery behind this famous photo is explored. The image, highly touted as “the photo that ended World War II” has one fascinating backstory. Verria and Galdorisi weave an exciting web of mystery, romance, and history exploring a story that for the last 67 years has gone untold. It’s no surprise that numerous claimants came forward, trying to elude the identities as their own, but you will be amazed to read about the many myths and lies that surrounded one of America’s most treasured photos. That is until now, travel back in time to a world ridden with war and the inspiration and excitement felt by this famous image. A great summer read, filled with excitement and intrigue. We know you will love The Kissing Sailor from Naval Institute Press.

Whom You Know Highly Recommends The Kissing Sailor!

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